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Are you an Executive, Professional or Business Owner who once had that Spark,
but now find that you or your organization have lost it?

Are you experiencing morale, communication or productivity issues? Well, we can help!
We offer Motivational Seminars, Organizational Assessments, and Coaching
(both Business and Life).

Our proven techniques will determine root cause, find solutions and help you implement them. The benefits will be better morale, teamwork and productivity.

You'll make MORE money in LESS time!

Are you looking for a Inspirational & Motivational Speaker?
HPM Consulting offers Inspirational & Motivational Speaker, Business & Life Coach,
Randy McDonald.

Randy McDonald's newest book, It's All About Control

Randy is also a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist & Charter Member of the
Association for Integrative Psychology.
Last, but certainly not least, Randy is a Published Author* of
"It's All About Control."

For more information, visit Randy's special site
at www.LostThatSpark.com

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