2021 Farming Matters

The conference went extremely well and the program was warmly received by the delegates. We had perfect weather and a great venue in Albury, while the field trips provided memorable examples of regenerative farming practices. Below are videos with the conference highlights, Allan Savory's talk, presentation videos and podcasts, and some images from the days (click on them for larger versions).

Sam Johnson - Welcome Event
Dr Yalmambirra - Welcome to Country
Rebecca Gorman - Facilitator
Conference Attendees

Conference Attendees
Jenny Bell
Allan Savory via video link
David Farley

Lyn Sykes
Charlie Arnott, Chris Balazs, Tony Hill, Angus Harris - Exhibition Hall
Lorraine Gordon
Terry McCosker

Peter Richardson
Walter Jehne
Brian Wehlburg
Matthew Warnken

Session 3 Panel - Tess Herbert, Andrew Ward, Gary Nairn, Louisa Kiely, Chris Balazs, Harry Youngman, Graeme Hand
Tony Hill
Speakers and Committee
Dinner - prize winners with Suzie Ward, Mike McCosker and Helen McCosker

Dinner Panel - Gabrielle Chan, George King, Martin Royds
Dinner Panel - Rachel Ward, Charlie Arnott
Regenerating Landscape
Field Trip Discussion

Field Trip Display
Presentation by Gill Sanbrook
Field Trip Walk
Regenerating Landscape