Australian Holistic Management Cooperative

Upcoming Events

18-19 October 2024: A Celebration of Managing Holistically 25 Years On

(Details yet to be finalised. PLEASE REGISTER YOUR INTEREST HERE)
Fri 18 and Sat 19 October 2024 – Carcoar NSW, at Coombing Park with George and Melinda King: In 1999 the 3rd Holistic Management Conference was organised by Bruce & Suzie Ward and their team in Orange, with a Field Day at Coombing Park. 25 years on we want to celebrate Holistic Management and the thriving lives and landscapes that are nurtured by managing holistically, with a look to the future for food and fibre businesses.

Past Events

29-31 March 2021: Farming Matters Conference: For our Love of the Land
The conference was a great success, taking place in Albury NSW, followed by a program of field trips to surrounding regions on 31 March. See videos and images from the conference and field trips here.

24 October 2019: Workshop — Agricultural Skills for Better Soils

Brian Marshall and Brian Wehlburg presented on improved soil management practices at the Belvidere Memorial Hall near Strathalbyn, SA, with an EOV field demonstration at a farm near Stokes Bay, Kangaroo Island SA. (Click for larger images.)
5 November 2016: Holistic Management Conference, Dubbo NSW
The Australian Holistic Management Co-operative, and its program Land to Market Australia, had its beginnings at the Holistic Management Conference held in Dubbo, 2016.