Australian Holistic Management Co-operative

Benefits of Joining AHMC

No matter what tools or practices you use to revive your landscape, grow healthy produce, or create a thriving family farm, the Australian Holistic Management Co-operative can help you at every stage.

Member Benefits

Whether new or experienced, our members enjoy access to training, mentoring and accredited educators, free Holistic Management courses, regular online Q&A Troubleshooting and Deep Dig webinars, and discounted access to Field Days and other networking events. We also promote member products and services on our website, and feature stories and enterprises on Facebook and Instagram. The Co-op is a Hub of the global Savory Institute, so members also become part of a world-wide community of farmers.

See the Membership Application Pack

Newsletter Yes
Website Directory Yes (opt-in)
Social Media Promotion Yes (opt-in)
Monthly Deep Dig Webinar Online FREE
Monthly Troubleshooting Q&A Online FREE
Holistic Management Foundations Online FREE
Holistic Decision Making Online FREE
Holistic Management Planning Online ($99 inc GST in 2024)
Knowledge into Practice Field Days Member Discount of 25%
Grazing & Financial Workshops Member Discount of 25%
Regional Meetings & Conferences Member Discount of 25%
Ecological Verification (EOV) Monitoring Yes (opt-in)
Land to Market Seal and Supply Chains If EOV verified, support for branding application to Land to Market
Co-op Shares Yes (minimum 3 at $200 each)
Co-op Voting Yes (1 vote per member regardless of share total)

Fee Structure

Upon joining, members buy shares in the Co-op, pay a one-off admin fee and a pro-rata membership fee. In following years, on a July to June basis, members pay only the membership fee (so joining towards the end of a Financial Year offers an advantage). Members can optionally take part in EOV monitoring.

Membership Fees
  • Membership runs from July to June annually.
  • New membership fees are pro-rated to June at $82.50 per month (inc GST).
  • The AHMC is a distributing Co-operative when there is a surplus.
  • The minimum share requirement is 3 shares at $200 each = $600 (no GST on shares).
  • Shareholders only have 1 vote regardless of how many shares are purchased.
  • Corporate or Joint members are entitled to only 1 vote, cast by the first named person.

MEMBERSHIP Annual Admin Shares
First Year $990 (inc GST) pro rata to end of financial year $110 (inc GST) $600 (no GST)
Annually, July to June $990 (inc GST)

EOV Monitoring Fees

Ecological Outcome Verification monitoring is an opt-in service. EOV scientifically measures trends over time in the health of farmlands. One day is usually enough time for monitoring unless the property is particularly large. Long-term and short-term monitoring occurs in Year 0 and Year 5, and in Years 1 to 4 only short-term monitoring takes place. If ecological health is verified to be improving, members may take part in global Land to Market branding of their products. Should ecological health not improve, the Co-op can offer a wealth of information and experience to help out. Total monitoring fees depend upon how many sites are required for a property. As a guideline only:

OPTIONAL EOV Long-term Monitoring Short-term Monitoring
Year 0 Baseline $4500 (average)
Year 1 $1500 (average)
Year 2 $1500 (average)
Year 3 $1500 (average)
Year 4 $1500 (average)
Year 5 $5000 (average)

From the Co-op Rules

Primary Activities

The Co-op aims to improve the recognition and support in the community and throughout the food and fibre supply chain, for the efforts of producers to regenerate agricultural land by creating a recognisable brand and quality assurance scheme for Australian regenerative agriculture practitioners and their products. Primary activities are to:
  1. Provide services for the ecological monitoring and regeneration of agricultural land.
  2. Promote produce from land where ecological monitoring and regenerative agriculture is taking place, particularly through development, control and marketing of a recognisable brand.

Membership Eligibility

The Co-operative aims to be as inclusive as possible and hence there are no required qualifications or specific eligibility for membership beyond:
  • genuinely supporting the expansion of regenerative agricultural practices with a focus on holistic approaches to improve ecological function in our landscapes,
  • giving preferential supply, where reasonably practicable and in the member's interest, to market partners approved by the co-operative, and
  • being able to use or contribute to the services of the Co-operative.
The AHMC is supportive of innovation and there is nothing in this provision that is intended to prescribe certain practices or approaches, with the common aim being to regenerate agricultural land.

Courses and Mentoring
AHMC members receive free online Q&A and Troubleshooting courses and mentoring from Holistic Management Educators accredited with the Savory Institute — and from each other, as people with diverse family lives, varying levels of experience and different types of produce.

Field Days
Field Days
We run educational Field Days throught the year with discounted fees for members, which offer great opportunities to learn more about Holistic Management, regenerative practices and network with other AHMC members. See Knowledge into Practice 2024.

The Co-op promotes member products and services on its website, and also features member stories and enterprises through Facebook and Instagram. Members also receive regular newsletters with updates on regenerative activities.

Members receive concessions on attendance fees at major events. We offer talks by local and international experts, and events are attended by government, researchers and businesses. See Farming Matters 2021: For our Love of the Land

Global Community
The Co-op is a Hub of the world-wide Savory Institute, so members become part of a global community of farmers, with resources such as the Covering Ground Blog and an opt-in Newsletter. Members also receive 10% off Savory online courses, books and media.

 Australian Holistic Management Cooperative