Land to Market

People today are more conscious about what they are consuming and the impact their purchases have on the health of the land and the communities around them. More and more, consumers, regulators, restauranteurs and local and global food producers, are preferring to support an ecologically verified supply-chain that values the health of the land and the wellbeing of farmers themselves.

Land to Market is working with brands around the globe to heal the planet by regenerating its lands. It is the world’s first verified regenerative sourcing solution for raw materials such as meat, dairy, wool, hemp, wine, cashmere and leather.

Farmlands that are EOV monitored and receive verification are entered on the Land to Market Verified Regenerative Supplier Roster, and can apply for a licence to display the Land to Market seal on their produce, so retailers and consumers can confidently purchase products from verified regenerative land.

The Land to Market seal is now displayed on over 1000 products, with more appearing every day, and Land to Market regenerative brands are sold by some of the world's best-known businesses. (Click on images below for larger versions.)

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