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ZQRX Project

20 February 2024 – Australian wool growers are looking below the surface to secure the future of their properties in an Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV) pilot through The New Zealand Merino Company's regenerative wool-sourcing programme, ZQRX. AHMC has conducted baseline EOV monitoring of eight ZQRX farms in Victoria, NSW, Tasmania and SA. The first stage of the pilot culminated with an in-depth soil health workshop at Mooralla Merinos in Victoria. See full media release. (Images courtesy of The New Zealand Merino Company.)

ZQRX project
ZQRX project
ZQRX project
ZQRX project

Dawson Catchment Program

Graziers in the Lower Dawson catchment area, central Queensland, are invited to participate in the Positive Productivity Program, organised by the Dawson Catchment Coordinating Association (DCCA). As an implementation of the AHMC Landscape Hydration Index, the project is expected to involve at least 20 properties during 2023-24. Download the EOI form.

Savory Sheep Grazier Grant

AHMC, Deckers and Land to Market are seeking Australian sheep producers ready to participate in the Holistic Management regeneration of a collective 400,000 hectares of privately managed grazing lands.

The Savory Sheep Grazier Grant includes opportunities for regenerative support in the form of Holistic Management training, farm demonstration days with accredited Savory professionals, and ongoing virtual support. These training and support services provided are valued at more than $10,000 USD annually, but farmers in this program will receive these services at no cost.

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Landscape Hydration Index Project

The Landscape Hydration Index was developed for a project with Lismore City Council to explore the feasibility of defining a measurable index that could be used as a guide to levels of hydration in the land. In conjuction with The Mulloon Institute, experts in catchment-scale rehydration and restoration, AHMC was able to show that the Ecological Health Index (a component of EOV) could be used to accurately indicate changes in land hydration levels over time.

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