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Courses and Training


EOV Monitor Traineeships

Monitors are the ground truthers of the EOV protocol; they spend their days on farms, carrying out ecological monitoring. If you have qualifications or experience in agriculture, ecology, botany, and/or Holistic Management, please fill in an expression of interest form here.

In 2024, AHMC members can take part in free introductory Holistic Management courses, regular Q&A Troubleshooting and Deep Dig webinars, and get concession entry to our HM Connect Field Days.
MEMBERS ONLY: Online monthly troubleshooting with an HM Educator — REGISTER HERE
MEMBERS ONLY: Online DEEP DIG webinars with an HM Educator — REGISTER HERE

Face-to-Face Holistic Management Training

Face-to-face Holistic Management training is available in many locations around Australia, provided by accredited Holistic Management educators. Contact Educators can also provide a range of other face-to-face training, tailored to the needs of both individuals and groups.

Australian Holistic Management Cooperative