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AHMC and EOV Monitoring

Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV) is a scalable and affordable methodology that farmers can use to measure regenerative outcomes on their land. In addition to providing an outcome-based verification of the health of the land base, EOV also provides critical intelligence to the farmer as a steward and manager of the land.

The Scientific Protocol of EOV, from the Savory Institute, explains the process in detail. Currently over 3.5 million acres around the world are being monitored with EOV. (Click on images to right for larger versions.)

The Land as a Living System

EOV measures the health of the land as a living system. It assesses key indicators of the effectiveness and health of ecosystem processes, such as soil health, biodiversity and ecosystem function (water cycle, mineral cycle, energy flow and community dynamics).

  • Soil Health: healthy soils absorb more carbon, retain more water, and are richer in fertility.
  • Biodiversity: plants are more varied and resilient, domestic animals and wildlife are more plentiful.
  • Ecosystem Function: water, minerals, nutrients and energy are cycled through a continual process of birth, growth, death and decay and back to birth again.


In Australia the Australian Holistic Management Co-op is responsible for managing EOV Monitoring, both for AHMC members and for external business and government ecological projects.

Initially, an accredited monitor visits a farm and establishes EOV monitoring baseline sites for short- and long-term ecological health indicators. Monitors then revisit the farm annually and conduct short-term monitoring.

If the results trend positive, EOV certfication is granted and the farmer can apply for a Land to Market licence and display the Land to Market seal on their produce, so customers can be confident it came from verified regenerating land. Every fifth year, monitors return to farms to conduct long-term monitoring. Again, if data trends positive, EOV certification is granted or renewed.

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